Hiring a Colorado Social Security disability lawyer will help your chances of getting disability benefits from the Social Security Administration

One of the best things that you can do to help yourself in the process of trying to obtain Social Security disability benefits is to find and hire an experienced Colorado disability lawyer.

Why it is important to have a Colorado Social Security disability lawyer helping on your disability case

When you first apply for Social Security disability benefits the process is fairly easy and you can do it on your own. However, even though the application does not seem to require an attorney, things change and get much more complicated after that.

Most applications are denied at the first evaluation, so it is necessary for most people to appeal their case.

Then, on appeal, having help from a disability lawyer becomes very important. A government study by the Social Security Office of the Inspector General has published statistics that show that disability claimants who are represented by disability lawyers are more likely to receive disability benefits than disability claimants who do not have lawyers.

Ways that Colorado disability lawyers can help in your Social Security disability claim

Having an experienced Colorado disability lawyer can help you in many different ways. The specific things that your disability lawyer will do for you will depend on the circumstances of your situation, but some things that frequently help in disability claim cases are:

  • Reviewing the Social Security file on your case to verify that the Social Security Administration has all the reports that it needs, and that those reports are current and accurate.
  • Talking to your doctors, therapists, or other medical providers to make sure that their reports to the Social Security Administration are accurate and complete.
  • Preparing you for your appeal hearing. You will probably be testifying at your hearing to the Administrative Law Judge, and your Colorado disability lawyer can explain that process and help you understand how to best explain your impairment to the judge. Click here for more information about your testimony at an appeal hearing.
  • Work with you to find and prepare witnesses who might testify at the appeal hearing about how your impairment makes it impossible for you to work. Click here for more information about witnesses at an appeal hearing.

Contact us for an evaluation of your Social Security disability claim

The Social Security disability claim process is much more complicated than it looks at the first application stage. Give yourself the tactical advantage of having an experienced Colorado disability lawyer on your side.

If you are not already represented by a Colorado Social Security disability lawyer, ask us for an evaluation or your claim. Give us a brief description of your claim using the form on this page, or e-mail or call our office.

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